How To Automatically Resize Your Images for the Web

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I have a cool little treat today for any blogger with a Mac. I’m psyched to tell you guys about it because I absolutely love this little hack:

Today I’ll show you how to automatically resize bunches of pictures at once, so they’re web ready in a snap!

If you’re not sure WHY you should resize your images for the web before upload them read this

Automator is built into Macs, but many people have never even looked at it. If you didn’t even know it existed until just now, you’re not alone.

But if you’re a blogger or work with images on the web, this little trick will save you SO much time once it’s setup. And setup actually only takes a few minutes too.

If you’re comfortable with your Mac this will probably take less than 10 minutes, but don’t stress if it takes you longer.

LOOK! I brought pictures!

1. So first let’s open Automator

>You can find it by searching in Finder or in Launchpad



2. Double click the Workflow option

On the right you’ll see a list of possible “actions” in a long column, and on the left there’s a grey, empty area where you’ll be putting the actions you want.

It’s sort of like a recipe, with 4 ingredients.

3. Choose copy finder items

This simply tells your soon-to-be-app that it needs to copy the pictures you’ve chosen

automator tutorial 2 screenshot


4. Choose the folder where you want the copied images to be stored (mine is called AutoResize)

DON’T choose the “Replace existing files”

automator tutorial resizing images 2


5. Choose the “Scale Images” action – the same way as “Copy Finder Items”

Set the size you wish to resize the images to. 800px is my normal go-to.

NOTE: This resizes based on the largest side of the photo – so if you have a horizontal image that is 1000px wide, 600px high, it’ll resize it to 800 W x 400 H

automator tutorial resizing images 4 screenshot


6. Select “Rename Finder Items” and then choose “Add Text” from the drop-down menu

Choose whatever extra text you want added to the newly resized images so that their name is different from the original

automator tutorial resizing images 3 screenshot


7. Select “Change Type of Images” from the actions

This just makes sure your image file is web-ready, aka JPEG.

automator tutorial resizing images screenshot

8. Save

images resize with automator screenshot

Save this set but remember to choose “Application” NOT “Workflow” from the drop-down menu when you save it. Be sure to choose a good name for your new image-resizing application.

TIP: I keep my “AutoResizeApp” on my desktop so it’s easy to drag photos into it

autoresizeapp screenshot

VOILA! Now you can automatically resize images, making your life that much easier

To resize images:

Choose the images you want (can even be multiple at a time) and drag them over to the resize app. After they’re resized and renamed they’ll show up in the folder you designated at the beginning.

KEEP IN MIND: If you’re photos are less than 800px they will get up-sized, which could make them all pixelated and gross. If your images are smaller than 800px (or whatever size you’ve chosen) there’s no need to put them through the app.

Hope you guys enjoy this little shortcut

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