3 things hurting your blog that you can change this weekend

3 Things Hurting Your Blog (That You Can Change This Weekend!)

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Maybe you’ve just started blogging or maybe you’ve been a member of the blogsphere for several years – but the fact that you’re reading this tells me you care about your blog.

And that’s rad, because that means these 3 blogging tips are for you!

Whether you’ve been blogging for days or years, it’s never a bad idea to adjust a few things for the better. These are three things that I’ve noticed can be a bump in otherwise awesome blogs.

We all miss a little detail here and there sometimes. I mean c’mon, blogging is a juggling act! So take a quick peek under the hood this weekend and make sure that you’ve got these things setup to reach your #BlogGoals.

Bad Share Buttons

It seriously blows my mind how many blogs I come across that have no easy way to share their posts – some have no share buttons at all! That’s crazy! Social sharing is one of the best ways to get more eyes on those posts you work so hard on – do not neglect it.

This means that even if you have share buttons, make sure they’re easy to find and use.

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You may want to double check what the sharable quote looks like when people click a share button on your site. Why? Because there’s a chance that when people click share on your site, they’re just getting a share box with the link in it.

No text. Nothing to tell potential readers where that link leads.

Now, maybe your sharer will fill that in for you, but chances are they’ll decide not to share! Nooooo! Losing shares sucks!

Check these 3 things to make sure they aren't hurting your blog, and change them if they are! http://www.techyourblog.com

We’re lazy, guys. Especially on the internet. So having to fill in a title for that link may very well be the difference between tons of shares and none.

Blog photos


If you caught my last post on resources on blog basics, you may have seen a couple lists of free photo sites. Use them.

People like pretty pictures, and generally, posts with photos get more shares than those without.

Use your own photos if you can, but hell, if you need some help then go find photos elsewhere. There’s tons of legal free photo options online – just don’t pull whatever you want from Google unless you want to open yourself up to a lawsuit! Noooo thanks.

Replacing photos can be kinda a drag, especially if you have a ton of posts already, but this tool (for WordPress) can help make it a much quicker process by replacing all of your feature images at once.

Tech Quickie: You can even create photos with Instagram-style filters in photoshop in a couple seconds!


What Is Your Blog About again?

This is not something your readers should have to ask when they come to you blog. It should be obvious.

Check the great example these blogs set:

HerGeekery.com by Ashlee
AGirlObsessedBlog.com by Mandy
ByRegina.com … by Regina lol

They should see what your blog is all about from the moment they land on your page. You can accomplish this with a little widget in your sidebar that has an explanation (and maybe a picture of you – popular with lifestyle blogs) or a clear title and tagline in your site’s header.

Exercise: Try to sum your blog up in 3 sentences or less right now. 

If you can’t do this, you need to think about what exactly you’re going to be writing about – if this is “Everything” you’re probably looking at a lifestyle blog, and most people understand what that means, so feel free to literally say you blog is a “lifestyle blog that focuses on x, y, & z.”

The point of narrowing this down isn’t so much for you as it is for your audience. It’s going to be hard to convince people to read your blog if they have no idea what to expect.

Let me know what you think!

Have you noticed any big changes in your blog after you tweaked something? I’d love to hear about it!

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  • Hey, that’s my header!! ❤ Haha, glad to hear I’m doing some things right:P Seriously fantastic post! Definitely got me thinking about how I really need to work on getting some better pictures on my blog. I worry about copyright issues all the time, so when I switch over to WordPress, I think I’ll be taking a lot of them down. Such a daunting task! Luckily I know some awesome gals who knows a thing or two about making my blog better *winkwink* 😸

    • Psh you’re doin’ A LOT right over on your blog! It’s seriously rad. Haha yep fo sho yo whenever you decide to do that let me know if you have any questions, I’m a little bit of a WordPress fangirl 😛

  • Great post! I’m guilty of not having the share buttons… but the Blogspot ones I could find looked hideous. If anyone has some tips for that, I’m all ears!

    • Thanks for stopping by Ravanel! That’s frustrating :/ I’ll keep my eyes open and let you know if I find something!