4 of the Best Tech Gadgets I’ve Ever Bought (And 2 on My Techie Gift List!)

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There are some tech gadgets I’ve bought that just pay for themselves over and over again

A list of a techie's favorite everyday gadgets, plus a few on the wish list!
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I have your pretty basic stash of gadgets at home: A TV, DVD player, smartphone, computer, iPad, ect. But there are few unique tech gadgets I have that continue to be some of the best purchases I’ve ever made – even after owning them for years.

Milestone: First list of awesome gadgets!

One of the purposes of TechYourBlog is to introduce you to some awesome techie stuff that could make your life easier, and this is the first list I’m putting together of actual awesome gadgets for bettering your everyday life.

There’re affiliate links included (the pics link to the store) and if you decide to actually buy one of these through the post I get a kickback that helps pay for hosting and pizza. Life’s essentials.

These are 4 of the best gadgets I have, that I would recommend to anyone + a couple that I want because they look awesome.


Logitech Solar Keyboard

My cat did me a solid last year and knocked a vase of flowers over onto my (now dead) Apple bluetooth keyboard. Me and that keyboard had been together a long time and done lots of typing together, but I was always a little irritated with it for 1 reason: Batteries.

I’d be typing along and suddenly the keys weren’t working. It needed new batteries. And I never have batteries in my house so it would mean that before I could keep working I had to make a trip to the store because I literally couldn’t do anything else without batteries for my keyboard! RAAAAGGGGE.

So when my cat decided to drown that keyboard, I went on a search for a solar keyboard and found this beauty.

  • They come in both white and black (so for PC or MAC)
  • There’s an off switch so you can conserve the energy or just turn it off to clean it (I’ve never had it stop working on me in over a year of use and I almost never turn it off)
  • It’s a full size, which is nice for the home computer
  • It literally just needs some sun and it’s good to go. I never have to go buy batteries which I LOVE. And I would think that’s better for the environment as well.

V-MODA Noise-Isolating Headphones

I’m a bit of a music addict. I listen to music constantly while working, and traveling, and eating, and sleeping… A lot, that’s why I’m saying. I listen to music a lot.

Your average pair of headphones are nice, but these are beautiful. And I don’t mean how they look, or fit (which is also great) but THE SOUND, guys. The bass is beautiful, the treble is beautiful, and you can skip songs with a little button attached to the cord, so you don’t have to mess with your music player.

I’m one of those people who doesn’t care about the difference between Blueray and DVD. Blueray is way more expensive, and I don’t see that much of a difference when I’m watching a movie, so why? But for music, the normal headphones I’ve had do not touch these. I’m in love with a pair of headphones, and unashamed.

Wacom Intuos5 Pen Tablet

I gotta be honest, it took me a couple tries to get used to this thing (which is pretty common from what I’ve read) but now I literally do not have a mouse. I use this. And I’m not sure how I went so long without it. A mouse just seems like more trouble than its worth in comparison.

This piece of tech really makes sense for someone who works with art on the computer. It allows you to literally draw like you would on a piece of paper, straight onto the computer screen.

Given, this isn’t for everyone, but I’d still suggest looking into getting a trackpad (a small version of the tablet, but just for navigating your computer, not art) to replace your mouse.

ZAGG iPad Case with Backlit Bluetooth Keyboard

I have taken my ZAGG keyboard around the world. I travel with my iPad, not a laptop, and this thing has been a life saver. I rarely ever take it off.

  • It’s super-easy to set it up for typing, and the keyboard is a great size (not too small)
  • I just flip it the other way around to read books and documents like a book
  • The bluetooth charge lasts a looooong time. I almost never have to charge it, but it charges through the same type of cable as my android phone, and comes with a charging cable.


I haven’t yet bought these cool techie gadgets, but I want them. Tech is becoming so amazing – my mind is blown pretty much every other day, and I’ve been keeping my eye on these for a while.

Amazon Echo

Pretty much gives you a smart home. If you grab some WiFi-enabled light bulbs or plugs (which is totally a thing now! We’re living in the age of the Jetsons, guys) you can control them by telling the echo to turn them on or off. Along with about a million other features like playing music, the news, weather, to-do lists, ect. It looks like our first look at an in-home robot. But it has no legs or arms so the chances of it rebelling and attacking you seem pretty slim.

Bluesmart Smart Carryon Luggage

I saw this before it was actually up for sale (and it’s on pre-order on Amazon right now for December!) and immediately wanted one. I’ve traveled quite a bit (China in 3 weeks, yo 😀) and really try to keep things as easy as possible, including usually just bringing a carryon for my luggage. This one makes your normal suitcase seem ancient. It’s actually got a charging station in it for your electronics, and a locator so if you misplace it you can use an app to find it!

Do you guys have any tech gadgets you can’t live without? Or really want? Leave a comment!

Thanks for reading!

*There may be affiliate links in this post. There may not be affiliate links in this post. Life’s full of mystery. And hopefully pizza.

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4 of the hands-down best tech purchases I've ever made. These gadgets are the gifts that keep on giving.

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  • Wacom tablet is a life savior when editing. I have the most basic one that I’ve had for at least 5 years (maybe more) and I cannot live without it! It’s so light and takes no place, so Every time I go somewhere I bring it with me in case I want to retouch some photos.

    And PowerBeats wireless headphones are on my wish list…Very expensive, not sure I’ll ever get them, but you don’t have to pay to look at them 😛

    • That’s awesome! I never bring my tablet anywhere but I just have an ipad, no laptop. I kinda want a laptop just so I can do that though now lol.
      Wireless headphones are my one true love haha. I get so annoyed with the cords. They can be super expensive though. I just got a new pair of wireless over-the-ear ones (listening to The Beatles on them right now 😀 ) and I just try not to think about how much they cost… Who needs money for food?