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I’m the person behind the computer. Yes, a real netflix-loving, dog-petting, world-wandering person.

I have lots of interests and stuff goin’ on in my life, but blogging is big one.

I’ve been blogging for fun and profit for a few years now, and finally decided that I wanted to take what I’ve learned to build a resource for other bloggers to help them grow and succeed.

Thus, TechYourBlog was born.

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Food, decor, cool tech, travel, photography, all the feels – I pin a bit of everything. A lot.

A few things about me:

  • I run this + a few other websites
  • I started working as a freelance writer in high school
  • I have a degree in Psychology (so I can read minds)
  • I started my first WordPress blog the month I graduated from college, but had worked with websites before
  • I’m a pluviophile – not as dirty as it sounds, it means I LOVE rain
  • I’m a techie in training. I know quite a bit at this point, but there’s always more to learn.
  • When I was about 10 my little brother stabbed me. It’s cool though, now I have a rad scar that makes me seem really hardcore.
  • I’ve traveled around a good chunk of the world
  • I have a thing for photography
  • I have had mega eye issues since ever – it builds character. Apparently character requires glasses.
  • I’m a dog person. And a cat person.
  • Twenty-One Pilots is my jam, along with pretty much all music ever.

 I can’t really express to you how much I love technology

Well, I could, but I’m pretty sure you’d stop talking to me. I Nerd-out.

That has translated into blogging, which I love since it combines technology and my desire to write. It also means I help people (like you!) build and make their websites awesome. Head over to the contact page to chat more about that!

TechYourBlog is NEW!

TechYourBlog is still a baby in blogging-terms and I’m still working quite hard to build it up into a big, strong, ate-all-its-veggies blog. If you’d be a legend and take a quick moment to follow on the socials and share a post or two it would mean a lot!

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