Blog Experiment Results: Doubling blog traffic with Pinterest

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Hey hey!

You might know that I started TechYourBlog purely as a place to help other bloggers out. I’ve owned and do own several other websites outside of this one.

I sometimes use my other websites as testing centers for blogging tactics.

It makes me feel like I can give better and more accurate advice here for other bloggers.

One of my sites I let lag here and there, and for several months from 2015 to the beginning of 2016 I really barely posted anything because I was busy working on other stuff.

Building traffic from May-July

Around May-ish 2016 I decided to start an experiment with my dead site and to focus on a couple traffic-building methods: Stumbleupon and Pinterest.

They’re both good for their own reasons. Stumbleupon can just slam your site with random amazing traffic but Pinterest can build up a ton of traffic over time and give you a better bounce rate.

Today I’m sharing some of my stats

Since I started this experiment on my personal site I planned on sharing the results here. It was actually a big reason for starting the experiment in the first place, plus I thought it’d just be fun.

A while ago I wrote a post about why you should use Pinterest for traffic, and so I’ve been implementing that advice on my other site with the goal of doubling my traffic each month. 

At first of course this wasn’t a stretch because my traffic had dropped to a low of 81 views in Feb 2016 since I hadn’t done anything with it. In May I started building it back up again, and did double it to 355 from April which was just over 150 views.

I almost doubled it again in June coming in at 530 views. So far so good.

Of course I realize that these numbers are pretty eh for a lot of bloggers. But the point here isn’t the numbers so much as the potential of doubling your view count each month.

Doubling June traffic

For July that meant that I had to get upwards of 1,000 views, which is kinda a jump. So I wasn’t sure I could do it in that amount of time.


Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 10.58.50 AM

Killllled it. 

I actually ended up jumping to almost 4,000 views. Which, again, may not be much in the big blogging world, but it was a pretty big leap from the month before and did show me that my strategy was working.

Both Stumbleupon and Pinterest play a role in this, but Pinterest was definitely my winning July traffic source. And the crazy thing is that in July I hadn’t even broken 300 Pinterest followers. So the point is it can be done even when you’re starting out.

Since then my Pinterest following has been growing organically too!

I decided to experiment with this so I could report it back to you guys here at TechYourBlog. I wanted to see if it was possible to double traffic in a systematic way like this, even when your site is new (or basically dead like mine was lol) and I’m happy to be able to report that it absolutely is!

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspiration, good luck!

Traffic report: doubling your blog traffic each month with pinterest - is it possible? I tested it out and this is what happened.

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  • HI TYB,

    I love reading people’s blog post experiments like this, I think they are very helpful for bloggers and gives them some ideas on how to drive traffic to their blog.

    I think that’s pretty amazing that you’re only using StumbleUpon and Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog and your pageviews increased to 4,000.

    I’ve been using Pinterest for about 2 months and am finally starting to see some results. It is now my biggest traffic referral, but am always looking for new traffic methods because I don’t want to become reliant on only one source.

    Thanks for sharing this experiment with us, I hope your traffic continues to climb.

    Have a great day 🙂