A list of apps that you can use to take your blogging from hobby to business

27 of the Best Apps for Blogging and Business

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Want to grow your blog? There’s an app for that.


Why are you blogging?

Blogs are usually created for 3 reasons:

  1. For fun (personal)
  2. For promotion (of an existing business, brand, skill, or product)
  3. To create a new income stream

You may fall into any (or even all) of these categories. They’re all good reasons to start a blog.

Here’s the catch: If your ultimate goal is to make a business out of blogging, you’re going to need to start treating blogging like a business. Maybe you’ve heard that before, I’m sure I’m not the first to mention it.

How to blog like a pro:

Use some of the best apps available to streamline your business

So you know you need to treat blogging like a business, but where do you start?

After doing the basics, including choosing the best blogging platform for you and possibly getting some hosting, you’ll need to organize your blogging routine like a business.

Plan, prepare, automate

This won’t require anywhere near the time or financial commitment of your normal brick-and-mortar business, but it’s not nothin’.

That’s where the apps come in. You can use apps like these to help streamline business, and automate some of the more mundane work. Your time probably isn’t best spent organizing email everyday – you should be worrying about things like building your blog following, or brainstorming new post ideas, so give the extra work to the best apps for the job.

Create a business-like blogging system

These are some of the best apps for blogging and business. They’ll give you a starting point for your planning, organization, ideas, ect.

Blogging is fun, but making a business out of blogging does require work, and these apps allow you to automate some of the more “businessy” parts of becoming a professional blogger.

There are apps for business, apps for productivity, finance, lifestyle, social media, and even some apps specifically for email.

One of the first steps in learning how to blog like a pro is YOU taking your blogging seriously.

There are links to the appstore for Android and iPhone apps (depending on availability)


Apps for Business

They’ll make you take your business seriously. They’ll make others take your business seriously. People will believe you’re an adult who knows what they’re doing! (…who also just happens to think animated movies are the absolute best.)

1. Canvas

Highly customizable forms for business

visit the site


2. Abbyy Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader scans contact information from business cards and saves in contacts

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


3. Echosign

Makes the process of getting documents signed fast and painless

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


4. Casual.pm

A task manager with a simple design that makes organizing your daily projects easy

Tip for bloggers: Use for group blogging projects, creating a community with other bloggers with strengthen your blog exponentially. Also consider using it if you outsource some of your work.

Get the iPhone app


5. Splashtop

Access your computer and documents from anywhere, anytime.

Because you never know when you’ll need an impromptu roadtrip.

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app



Apps for Finance

Because your dog has come to expect treats of a certain quality, and disappointing a dog is the literal worst.

Also – Starbucks money. Important.

6. Expensify

Keep track of your business expenses and create expense reports (the app makes it cooler than it sounds)

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


7. Pancake

Invoicing made easy (not actually edible)

Get the app


8. Wallet

Keep track of personal expenses, credit card payments, bank accounts, ect. all in one place

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app

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Apps to Make Sure You Don’t Forget

Anything. Ever.

9. Evernote

Oldie, but ever-useful. Keep track of all your ideas by creating voice, text, image, sketch-notes and more!

One of the best apps EVER. Get it?

4 Evernote tips for bloggers who want to be seriously productive

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


10. Task Hammer

An Android app that makes your daily tasks into a game

Get the Android app


11. Quest

Turns your iPhone to-do list into a game to give you a little extra shot of motivation

Get the iPhone app


12. Todoist

A beautifully designed to-do list app for bloggers that get sh*t done

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


13. Any.DO

An award-winning to-do list with a host of other useful features within the app

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


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Apps for Social Media & Email

For the times when you gotta talk. To people.

14. Talon for Twitter

Use it to make your Twitter-life easier with customizable features and to connect with more people to expand your following and blog interaction

Get the Android app


15. Meetup

Blogging can be an isolating gig sometimes, Meetup lets you easily connect with actual humans with similar interests

How to blog like a pro with 27 of the best apps available for business, productivity, finance, email organization and more!
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Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


16. Streak

Streak has integrated project management with Gmail to make working easier and faster

Get the iPhone app


17. MailChimp

The app to go with the popular and super-useful email subscription manager

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


18. Flowdock

A messaging app that helps declutter your inbox by creating a space for business chat

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app



Apps to Get You Up and Ready to Meet the Day

Like a effing dragon-winged-warrior who’s also had a triple-shot espresso and a bowl of high-fiber bran cereal.

‘Cause you don’t mess around.


19. Wakie

A community where you can give and receive advice, chat, or set a wakeup call time and someone can give you a quick wakeup call. 

It’s anonymous and the calls have a time limit.

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


20. Sunrise Calendar

Another beautiful calendar app that syncs with other apps (app-ception!) including Todoist

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


Apps You Never Knew You Needed

Sorta like a piece of pie, but for your phone.

21. Wordswag

For those who don’t have the time or inclination to go full graphic-designer, Wordswag allows you put beautiful text on your beautiful photos

Get the iPhone app


22. Stand Up!

A simple little app that reminds you to stand up from your computer once in a while

Get the iPhone app


23. Caffeine for mac

This minimalist app for mac keeps your computer from going to sleep or autmatically shutting down while you’re working

Get the app


24. Fleksy

An extremely useful and customizable keyboard for your smartphone

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app



Apps That Make You a Better Person

You may not like change but you’re gonna be a glowing, beautiful damn butterfly by the time you’re done.

Because you say so.

25. HabitBull

The best apps should add something to your real life. Create new habits with this progress tracking app. Set goals, meet them.

Get the Android App

26. Audible

Successful people keep looking for new ways to learn and evolve – keep growing by spending your drive time taking in a new audiobook on whatever topics interest you

Get the Android app | Get the iPhone app


27. Focus@will

Music approved by SCIENCE to give you better concentration while working

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


Bonus apps!

Best Apps for Google Analytics

For these two, users seem to favor the traditional Google Analytics for the Android app and the Dashboard for iPhone – I’ll leave the decision up to you:

Google Analytics

The traditional app for this service

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app

Dashboard for Google Analytics

Not the official Google app, but a solid competitor with a cool design

Get the iPhone app | Get the Android app


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