Cut the Time and Effort You Spend on Blog Photos in Half – Instantly

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This is Part 1 of the Automatic Photo-Management for Bloggers series. Subscribe to get a note when each new part is posted.

Bloggers: Cut the time and effort that you spend on blog photos in half. Instantly.


Completely eliminate any time you spend uploading photos by making the upload process fully automatic.

Snap a photo. The end. Your work is done.

STOP spending time connecting to your computer, digging out the cords, searching through the files…

Cut the time you spend on blog photos in half by automating a huge chunk of the process
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This means you get to skip straight to editing and posting them.

Anyone can do it!

This is for bloggers with access to

  • Android or Apple phones and tablets
  • or a laptop…
  • OR a desktop computer.
  • It can also be used by non-bloggers that just want to simplify their photo-storing habits.

Automatically backup the photos you just took with your iPhone, iPad, Android, or even from the SD card as soon as it’s inserted into your desktop or laptop computer.

In other words – anyone can use this to make uploading and storing photos automatic.

The Long List of Photo apps

Apps can be your best friend if you let them, and there is a long list of many decent photo apps to choose from.

You could spend days wading through that list to find which photo apps will give your photos the best options for cloud storage. Apps that keep your photos available to you at all times with automatic backup, with the least amount of effort on your part, while still keeping you in control of your photos.

I will absolutely NOT give you that list.

I don’t want to give you a giant list of “decent” apps.

I wanted to find the best, most affordable photo apps available that I thought would make your life measurably easier.

PLUS these photo storage apps are chosen specifically with bloggers in mind.


So I’ve narrowed it down to the 3 best photo apps that you can use to automatically backup your photos

Don’t let the short-n-sweet descriptions fool you, I’ve done the research for you. There’s a reason these 3 made the cut.

This list is not in any particular order. These ALL have automatic upload options (aka backup) for desktop, smartphone, and tablet.

1. Google Photos

Why It Made the cut:
  • Automatic upload
  • Feature rich with cool extras like automatic collages and animations made by Google Photos from your library
  • Simple, beautiful design
  • Multiple ways to search for photos – by place, person, or words like “dog”
  • Free unlimited storage for “high-quality” photos and video and very competitive pricing for “original” photo quality
  • A basic in-app editor with some cool filters
Made with Google Photos
Things to look out for:
  • You choose from 2 upload options: High-quality or original. High-quality will downsize the quality of your photos to 16 megapixels (MP), which usually means that if you take photos with your phone, they’ll look the same, but if the photos were from a DSLR type camera with higher resolution the quality will be downsized to 16 MP.
  • Original-Quality plans come with 15GB storage for free, but then you will need to purchase more storage

Check out the video overview of Google Photos

2. Flickr

Why it made the cut:
  • Automatic upload
  • Keeps your original image quality
  • Gives you tons of options as far as what size of your photos other people can access, and whether they can see them at all. You could just keep them all to yourself if you want.
  • 1TB free storage. That’s a lot, folks.
  • You can search by person, place, tags, and even color – and it’ll show you your photos first then others’ photos
  • Extensive in-app editor
Amalfi Coast, Italy
A pick from my Flickr library – Amalfi Coast, Italy.

Things to look out for:
  • They’re still working out kinks when it comes to auto-upload and their brand new software updates to the whole system
  • In my experience it’s the slowest to load
  • Because Flickr is both a photo-storing service AND a social community, it can start to spill into the “overwhelming territory” that we’re trying to get out of. Search for your moms name, you’ll get a picture of her first, plus tons of other people with the same name.

Check out the video overview of Flickr

3. ThisLife

Why it made the cut:
  • Automatic upload
  • Keeps original photo size
  • Free unlimited storage for photos
  • Automatically pulls photos from your approved social networks – like Facebook and Instagram
  • You can search by person, place, tag, date range, source, camera type and rating
  • You can add “audio notes” to photos, along with the usual location, caption, date, tag, ect.
  • Beautiful horizontal scrolling
ThisLife dug this motivational gem up from somewhere in the depths of my computer
Things to look out for:
  • No in-app editor
  • No video uploads without a paid plan

Check out the video overview of ThisLife


What they all have in common:


Sharing your photos is easy no matter which platform you choose. You can share to many popular social networks, embed (Flickr) or use a link to display your photos wherever you want.

I used right-click “copy image location” to copy the URL then pasted the picture into this post.

Manual Organization

No matter which you choose, chances are you’ll have to help the app learn by inputting or correcting some dates/names/places ect.


You can download your photos back from the cloud – without erasing them from the cloud – from any of these services onto your personal device.

Data Usage

Keep in mind, as with anything that uploads or downloads, data is used to get the photos from your device to the app. Make sure you keep an eye on how much it’s using.


All photos automatically uploaded to any of these apps are initially private. You’re the only one with access to them unless you choose to share them or make them public.

Thanks for reading guys!

I hope you find this info helpful, as always feel free to ask questions in the comments.

Comments and shares are always appreciated


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Cut the time you spend on blog photos in half by automating a huge chunk of the process

 P.S. Want more details on exactly how to use these apps for blogging?

I will be going into more depth about why I like each one of these services individually, with step-by-step tutorials on how to use them in the upcoming posts for the Automatic Photo-Management for Bloggers Series.

Subscribe if you’d like to get a note when they’re posted.


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