How to get other bloggers to notice you and go to your blog

How to Get Noticed By Other Bloggers: My Secret Weapons

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Bloggers read blogs.

We write ’em, and we read ’em.

So how do you find other cool bloggers like yourself, and get them to notice you? There’s lots of ways to go about it, but in this post I’m going to cover two very simple, effective ways to get your name (and you blog) out there.


How to get other bloggers to notice you and go to your blog

This is the core of these two strategies.

You’re going to get other bloggers to notice you by commenting on their blogs. Maybe you already know that commenting on other blogs can be a good source of traffic, but it takes work.

  • You have to take the time to find good blogs to comment on
  • You have to comment enough to become recognizable
  • You don’t want to be seen as a spammer

I have a couple “Secret Weapons” I use to make this process much easier.

Which blogs Should you comment on?

The good thing is, you can comment on any type of blog and get noticed. The bad thing is, there’s a ridiculous number of blogs out there.

You want to find blogs that cover similar subjects to your own, because the people who read those blog are more likely to be interested in your blog. It also helps that you have some interest in the blog topic, because your comments are more likely to be genuine since you have a genuine interest in talking about x, y & z.

Ex: If you don’t knit, you probably shouldn’t put your commenting efforts into a blog for knitters.

Creating a perfect comment that gets noticed,  again and again

If you leave a lot of comments on a blog that just say “cool post” you’re gonna come across as a spammer. Sorry.

Every now and then a one or two word comment is fine, but if you’re looking to get some traffic to your blog by commenting, it just won’t work.

Your comments should add to the conversation. Think about it as though you’re speaking to the author in person. Have an opinion to share, or ask them an additional question.

Tip: If there are a ton of comments and you’re afraid yours might get lost in the pile try replying to one of the top comments instead of creating your own. It puts your name in a noticeable spot, and gets the attention of another reader.

Check out this post over on Twelveskip that goes into detail about creating great blog comments

FairyBlogMother has a really cool visual aid to help you create great comments.

How to find awesome blogs

You could spend all day trying to find good blogs to drop a comment on, but you don’t have to!

Here are my secret weapons:

Bloglovin‘ and Stumbleupon.

Bloglovin’ is a site that lets you follow other blogs, and Stumbleupon generates random sites, based on interest, for you to look at.


  1. Search for blogs you want to follow (preferably related to your blog’s topic) Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.51.26 AM
  2. Check out their bloglovin’ stream to see how often they post (this ensures you don’t follow a dead blog)
  3. Follow at least 5
  4. Keep an eye on them (you can get notifications when they post something if you want) and go comment when they post something new


  1. Choose an interest to “stumble” that’s related to your blog Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 10.56.15 AM
  2. If you’re interested in the article that pops up, go leave a quick comment
  3. Stumble again!

Tip: You could also follow the blog via e-mail to get a heads-up when something new is posted, which gives you a better chance of being one of the first to comment.

Follow me on Stumbleup here! I followback like a madman 😀

The followup

To be sure the blog’s author notices you:

  • Share their post on your social media – tag them in it!
  • Follow them
  • @Them with a note about how much you enjoyed their post
  • Edit your settings so you get a notification when they share something, and reshare/comment on it on social media.
  • Repeat 3 or 4 times over a few days and chances are they’ll remember you

Let me know what you think!

What’s your experience connecting with other bloggers been like?

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  • Hi Hannah! Great article! I am definitely going to look into Blogluvin and Stumbleupon! The only question I have is how do you get the blogger to post or even find my blog? I am posting on your blog for example, how do you know that my blog is and make the decision to go over there sign up and post?

    • Well your comment is a good start. Adding a little link like you did here helps people see where you’re from, and if your comment is relevant and interesting, they’re more likely to go click on the link. Sharing your posts on social media can be a good way to get traffic, and also using linkups/bloghops to find other bloggers who might be interested in your blog topics. Many of those types of groups require users to go comment on each other’s posts. Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for these tips. Just started a blog a month ago and have met a few wonderful connections through commenting and emailing some bloggers. I had no idea it was such a lovely community. I didn’t know about stumbleupon so will be checking it out now. 🙂

    • Bloggers are generally awesome people in my experience. If you hit a bump in the road and want to let me know I may have a solution and post about it 🙂 Congrats on starting your blog and good luck with everything!