5 WordPress Plugins that Level-Up Your Blog

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They might not actually write the posts for you, but these awesome WordPress plugins will make your blogging life so much easier.

I have personally used them, and consistently recommend them to anyone creating a site with WordPress.

Click the titles to go to the plugin page

1. Alpine Phototile for Pinterest

This WordPress plugin for Pinterest makes it super easy to add pictures from your Pinterest board, or just a selection of the last things you’ve pinned, to your WordPress blog.

Anywhere: Widget area, page, or post.

Simply choose what you want displayed, and the format (how many pictures, if you want a follow button, ect.) and paste the plugin shortcode anywhere on your WordPress website.

2. Better Click to Tweet

Better Click to Tweet WordPress Plugin picture

Sharing buttons are an important part of any blog, and with this Twitter plugin it’s extra easy for your readers to tweet your WordPress blog content.

It adds a simple button to the editing area of each post or page, so while you’re editing all you have to do is click it, insert text, and click “ok” – doesn’t get much easier.

It creates a clean-looking text box that can go anywhere in your content.

Try it out

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Then your readers can “click to tweet” the text, making their lives easier too!

3. Easy Google Fonts

Easy Google Fonts for WordPress Plugin picture

Want different fonts on your WordPress website?

Sometimes themes don’t always give you the look you want.

This plugin makes it easy to alter the font by using the extensive Google Fonts library.

You can adjust the fonts from your Customize area for any header text, and paragraphs. It includes options for color, spacing, margins, borders, and more.

You can even create settings for a specific class (if you don’t know what that means, no worries, it won’t affect you!) check out my signature at the end of the post to see what I mean!

4. WP Like Button


Wordpress facebook Like button plugin to boost your blog picture

Again – sharing buttons on blog posts are SO important!

This plugin is simple, yet crucial.

WordPress doesn’t have a builtin Facebook “Like” button, but it’s cool, the folks at CRUDLab have you covered.

This plugin for WordPress allows you to easily add a Facebook Like or Share button – or both – to your WordPress posts.

You can add them to the top or bottom of posts – or you can use a shortcode and embed them anywhere you like.

Check it out 

5. Top Bar

Top Bar WordPress Message plugin picture

Have something you want to tell every reader that comes to your site?

This handy plugin puts a message bar at the top of your WordPress blog, saying whatever you want, and you can even add a clickable button, such as “Subscribe” or “Learn more” or whatever else your blogging heart desires.

And they’re nice to look at! Bonus points!

Once you’ve tried these out, report back with your experience!

Questions? Comment!

Reminder: It’s important to keep an eye on whether or not your plugins are being updated. A few months is usually ok, but if it gets to a 6 months-year mark, you may want to look elsewhere. Sometimes hackers exploit non-updated plugins with outdated code.

Thanks for reading guys!

Let me know what you think, comments are always appreciated.


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