Use This App to Schedule Social Posts – Now Even on Pinterest!

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Okay guys, I’m freaking out a little.

As of this morning I got a note saying that this app for scheduling social media posts has added a new feature – scheduled pins!

If there was one thing I’d have changed about Coschedule yesterday, it would’ve been the ability to schedule Pinterest pins.

They have pretty much have everything else covered.

I use it for scheduling tweets, Facebook posts, and G+ posts – but it can do more. You can hook up to tumblr and Linkedin, to scheduled more posts. And of course now you can schedule Pinterest pins!

CoSchedule social sharing app for scheduled shares now has pinterest!

Pinterest is now a well-established powerhouse in the social media world [out-ranking Twitter by 400% and Facebook by 27% in revenue generation per click (source)] so it’s an often critical part of marketing plans, and should at least be considered by every blogger as a way to share content.

It does more than just schedule shares.

You can use it to connect to a whole bunch of other services like Evernote, Bitly, Google Calendar, and the headline analyzer to really get organized and boost your daily productiveness. That’s a word, right?CoSchedule social sharing app for scheduled shares now has pinterest!

You can integrate Coschedule with your WordPress blog which puts the calendar right there in your plugins area, or use the app by itself outside of WordPress.

I can’t speak for how it works outside of WordPress, but judging from how easy it makes it to share a post multiple times to multiple social media accounts in the WordPress plugin, I’d guess it’s an extremely efficient tool for anyone to use, regardless of whether or not you have WordPress.

The point is, it’s super-useful. It was already super useful before today, but now it might just be the best social scheduler out there.

Personally, I like real connections

I like talking with real bloggers and business people about what they’re really doing right now. I like sending real messages and really taking the time to comment on other bloggers’ sites. I like connecting with real people. And sometimes scheduling can feel like cheating. I don’t want to be a “bot.”

But, I’m only one person in a giant ocean of internet. And so are you.

Being glued to your computer or phone isn’t any way to live.

Use this social media scheduler to get your content in front of your audience at the right times

I love technology (obviously) but spending all your time at the computer or attached to your phone is lame. It’s lame for you, and the people in your life.

But the internet is always moving, with millions of new people logging on and off every second, so in order to reach as many people as possible, scheduling is practical, and even necessary, if you’re serious about online success.

Plus, scheduling social media shoutouts, tweets, shares, and so on will allow you to meet more people, and make more real connections. You can’t be everywhere all the time, but tools like Coschedule are immensely helpful in getting the most from your time online.

Share smarter

How much time do you think it would take from your day if you had to try to remember what times to post to which social network and how many times you should post? I don’t know about you, but there’s no way I’m gonna remember to share everything like that everyday. It would eat away at your productivity.


On the other hand, Coschedule let’s me take maybe 30 minutes or so a week to plan and schedule all my social media shares. It’s a huge difference.

CoSchedule’s team is obviously made up of smart marketers, for smart marketers.

I’ve considered writing about Coschedule in the past, and have been planning to write a post on great social scheduler apps that would no doubt include CoSchedule, for a while now. I’ve considered writing a post specifically about Coschedule because 1) I use it, and 2) They offer a 50% discount on annual plans in exchange for honest reviews.

I’m not sure I’ll be getting that discount because I don’t have an annual plan and haven’t looked into the specifics, but I might.

Still, I hadn’t chosen to write a review specifically for CoSchedule until now because they were missing something – and now they’ve gone and outdone themselves by adding it. I seriously don’t know what else they could do to create a better app at this point. So it’s time.

Their team has come up with great ideas to get people to share their app (like discounts for reviews on blogs) and they’ve also created an app that intelligently and beautifully meets needs of online marketing with social platforms. They’ve obviously got some smart marketers working for them.

Don’t take my word for it – you can try it for FREE for 2 WEEKS with no credit card info

And now you can schedule Pinterest pins!

That’s really why I’m writing this review now.

I’m effing excited about it. I’ve actually been looking into apps that schedule Pinterest pins for the past couple weeks – then BOOM, I have one.

Thanks CoSchedule, you legends.

*There may be affiliate links in this post. There may not be affiliate links in this post. Life’s full of mystery. And hopefully pizza.

Use this social media scheduler to get your content in front of your audience at the right times

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  • I have been trying to decide which social media scheduler to go with for the longest time, and because of your post, I’m now leaning towards a plan with CoSchedule. I’m guessing you have the solo standard plan. Do you get to choose which 5 social profiles to use? I’m currently using a free trial with Tailwind for Pinterest but it would be great to have the majority of my social media profiles in one scheduler. I’m using the free version of Buffer for my Twitter and Facebook.