Learn how (and why) you should be promoting your blog on Pinterest to get more readers

How (and Why) to Promote Your Blog On Pinterest

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Whoa, bit of a hiatus there, huh? Sorry about that guys, I try to create new content each week but the past couple weeks I was hiking around in the desert – check out the photos! – which makes blogging a bit more difficult since cacti do not act as wi-fi hotspots, as it turns out.

Anyways, I hope this post is helpful to you – Pinterest is a super-socialmedia-power, but it’s very simple to use it for blog promotion once you know what to do!

Why use Pinterest to promote your blog?

I know, you already have a ton on your plate and I’m sitting here telling you to add one more thing? Really, Hannah?

Yes, my friend, really. But I’ll tell ya why, and after I do I think you’ll start to see things my way.

…And I mean that in a very friendly, helpful kinda way – not the mob boss way that it sounded :-/ *shoves fedora into desk drawer*

People like pretty pictures

Learn how (and why) you should be promoting your blog on Pinterest to get more readers

I know! I’m saying it again. I’ve said it like a million times before and I’ll keep saying it.

The way people consume information from the Internet has been gradually shifting towards more visually appealing content.

Text-based website pages are still interesting and informative (and necessary), but the vast majority of your blog visitors will be likely to hang around longer if you have great images (or even videos) in your posts. Attractive, magazine-quality pictures are attention grabbers, and this is a HUGE reason that most bloggers utilize social media and image-sharing services (Instagram, anyone?) to improve traffic and generate more readers.

Pinterest has the numbers – go get ’em!

Pinterest is a popular visually-heavy social networking website with more than 100 million active users as of September 2015. When used wisely, Pinterest can be a seriously great traffic source for promoting your blog.

According to a study published by Shareaholic, the percentage of social media traffic referrals from Pinterest actually surpassed Twitter, Reddit, Google+, and even YouTube as of 2014. Pinterest was only second to Facebook. From 2013 to 2014, Pinterest also had traffic growth while five popular social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, and StumbleUpon) saw a decline of more than 24%.


One of the easiest methods to gain links and traffic to your blog from Pinterest is by joining popular Group Boards.

Anyone with a Pinterest account can create Group Boards anytime, but instead of waiting until you’ve built up enough followers, you can join Group Boards that already have thousands and promote your blog there! 

Unlike a regular board where only the creator can pin content, Group Boards allow all members to pin.

How to join a Pinterest Group Board

You can only join Group Boards via invitation, either by member or creator. You can ask them to invite you with something as simple as a comment on one of their pins – if you’re following each other they can use your username, otherwise they’ll need your e-mail – and start participating.

Share articles from your own blog and others to attract more visitors and followers.

TIP: repin and comment on pins from other people on the Group Board to help people see you.

Currently, two of the most popular Group Boards for bloggers are Blogging Boost Official Board and Awesome Bloggers; each with more than 12,000 followers and 40,000 pins. The former covers activities and content for blogging, photography, design, and writing, while the latter is more general Group Board that allows you to pin on any niche (except illicit materials) as long as you are a blogger.

The “Pin It” Button

The “Pin It” button is an important piece to this puzzle. You need to make it easy for people to share your blog content to Pinterest. How you go about this will depend on what system your blog is running on – WordPress, Blogger, Squarespace, ect – but get those share buttons up and running, guys!

You can also install the browser “Pin It” button which allows you to pin virtually anything from around the web.

A word of caution about that, though: You can possibly run into copyright issues if you pin from random spots around the web. General rule of thumb I go by (and I’m not a lawyer so this is just me) is if the website has a Pinterest sharing button installed then it’s ok to pin their images.

Most companies and websites seem happy to have their pictures pinned because it gives them free promotion, but err on the side of caution so you can sleep better.

Highly Pinnable Pins

Certain types of content dominate Pinterest.

Recipes are the most engaging, meaning all content categorized under “Recipes” get the most Pins. Another popular category is “products” – either physical or apps.

This doesn’t mean that other categories are left behind to the point of being unsuccessful. Remember: 100 million users. You can always start with any niche, join Group Boards, and make your way to a stronger online presence. 

Learn to make pretty, pinnable pictures without photoshop.

Pinterest gives you a spiraling blog promotion system.

What I mean by this is that your traffic spirals out from you to a bigger audience with each pin.

Others can share content to their groups in the same way you share content to yours, and because each person’s account probably has hundreds or thousands of followers, the possibility of gaining more exposure and additional traffic is high.

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  • I have been using Pinterest to promote my blog, but did not know about joining group boards! This is great information; Thanks! 🙂