Use these 2 steps to create your new brand in 5 minutes!

How to Create a Brand for Your Blog in 5 Minutes

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I’ve been doing a lot of reading about branding lately.

Like, A LOT of reading.

Because, to be honest, branding isn’t something I’ve spent much time on in the past, but as I’m focusing more on learning about business and marketing, I’m also finding that branding has become a reoccurring topic.

Some of my favorites resources on branding so far have come from thebrandedsolopreneur, byRegina, and The Nectar Collective.

I’ve had my issues with creating branding – which I’ll explain here in a minute – so I wanted a quick way to move through the process, and I wanted to actually enjoy it.

It seems like it should be fun right?

I think so. That’s what inspired the ultra-fast, 2-step trick that I’ll show you in this post.

Find A Focus

Trying to find and stick to a topic can be one of the biggest challenges for bloggers, and I think the idea of creating and sticking to a certain brand felt the same way to me.

In the past when I’ve skimmed through articles and infographics on branding, I could practically feel my brain hitting the Reject! button.

I love looking at branding styles, but creating one… It all seemed so overwhelming.

Have you had trouble defining your brand? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

I came up with this 2-step system to help delete the overwhelm factor for creating a blog brand.

Step 1) You’ll find out how to create a super-quick brand persona and how it will help you plan your blog’s brand

Step 2) I’ll show you how to create brand visuals and topic ideas in less than 5 minutes, using a tool you probably already use all the time!

What is Branding?

Branding is a combination of your voice, your purpose, and your visuals.

2 tips and 5 minutes to create your brand

It’s sorta your business’s style. And it’s important. People will learn to recognize that style.

Remember: People like routine. It’s comforting. So creating a brand that is recognizable with elements that repeat will help your audience feel good about your blog.

Step 1) Create a brand persona

Hello, I am your brand.

Think of your blog as if it were a person. It doesn’t have to be you, but is probably an extension of you.

What does this person wear? Lots of jewelry? Bright colors?

Is their style sort of punk, flower-child, studious, or geeky?

How do they speak? Do they sound like they just stepped out of Harvard or are they pretty casual?

Are they super-hyper or mellow?

Do they seem like a mentor or a friend? A little of both?

Remember you’re creating a brand for your blog, but also for your audience.

It’s not just about making your blog or business look nice. It’s about connecting to your ideal audience.

Imagine your brand as a person to visualize both the look and feel you want to convey, along with an idea of who your ideal reader will be.

Draw this person if you want, or just write down their personality and style.

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Step 2) Create brand visuals and topic ideas in 5 Minutes

How to go from visualizing your brand to seeing it:

Use Pinterest to define your brandOnce you have an idea of “who” your brand is, it’s time to take it to the next level.

To begin all you need to do is create a Pinterest board, and name it after your blog.

Next go to the Pinterest search bar and type in keywords that align with your brand’s persona. Such as “bright” or “rugged.”

Start pinning pictures that align with your brand vision.

Use Pinterest to define your brand


Get more details

Start combining keywords.Use these 2 steps to create your new brand in 5 minutes!

You’re going to want to define certain colors and fonts that you’ll use with your brand, so search for keywords like “aqua blue” or “minimalist fonts.”

Pin the pictures that reflect the style of your brand.

Brainstorm topics

Your brand will also likely involve sticking to certain topics. Search for those topics and start pinning again.

Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to create a solid visual of what you want your blog’s brand to be.

Get help defining a color scheme by using these tools

Create your blog’s brand

Once you have your color, fonts, shapes, ect. pinned and ready to go, it’s time to implement them and add them to your blog!

Don’t forget to check out these great resources for help!

That’s a wrap!

What’s your experience been with branding?

Give me a shout in the comments and let me know!

*There may be affiliate links in this post. There may not be affiliate links in this post. Life’s full of mystery. And hopefully pizza.

Use these 2 steps to create your new brand in 5 minutes!

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