Where to Start

This is a quick start guide to get your blog and skills up to speed


Social Networks

  • Pinterest

    Get a Pinterest account. Even if you’re a dude who thinks you’ll never go on there because it’s something more for women (1/3 of Pinterest sign-ups are in fact guys.)
    Pinterest is a prime spot to promote your business.
    And you can also take advantage of all the people that post their stuff there, and learn something new.

  • Twitter

    Twitter is one of the social media spots where you can gain followers quickly and, if you put some effort into it, your following can become pretty big.

  • Google Plus

    This is a biggie. If you don’t have a G+ account yet, create one. Google Plus is one of the less-talked about social networks, and it’s very useful for connecting with people by interest.

You may not want to keep an account on all these social networks, or you might want to expand to others, that’s fine.

These 3 are my recommendations for you to try.

I strongly suggest you at least check them out and poke around before saying no to them.

Setting up your website


  • Choose a Domain Name

    Your domain name is your address on the web.
    The domain name on of this website is TechYourBlog.com
    You’ll need to choose and purchase a domain name, for help understanding domain names go here.

  • Choose a Platform

    If you’re looking to start a website that will be regularly updated, it’s best to use a platform like WordPress, Blogger or Squarespace to manage your website.
    The alternative being creating a website completely from code alone.
    If you need help deciding which platform to use, go here.

  • Choose Hosting

    You will need hosting. Some platforms offer hosting packages, but otherwise you’ll need to purchase hosting from another company. If you need help choosing a hosting company, go here.

Your Blog/Website

Narrow your focus

The one time you don’t need to narrow your focus is when you’re doing a personal blog. But if your blog is for business, it’s normally best to narrow your subject of focus.

Business blog?

  • What kind of business?
  • What’s the purpose – why would I want to read it?
  • Think about the profile of 1 person who would want to read it – build your audience from people like that 1 profile.

Planning to make money with your blog

Do you plan to make money from your blog? How?

There are lots of different ways to monetize a website and many bloggers use a combination of them.

  1. Ads (pay per click)
  2. Referral/Affiliate links (You get a percentage if someone buys a product through your link)
  3. Sponsors (People who pay for ad placement, or sponsored content)
  4. Services (You’re offering a paid service)
  5. Shop (Selling products)

Keep in mind that people don’t like ads, even though they may be necessary, so don’t plaster them all over your site or it will look cluttered and overwhelm the actual content.

Don’t feel weird about making money

If your ads are relevant to the readers, then there’s no need to feel ashamed about them. Think about it, if someone is going to buy something from a huge company like Amazon anyway, it might as well help out the bloggers that give away TONS of info for free in the process.